The Voice Studio of Vanessa Rodriguez

Tampa, FL

How I stole thunder from the Lightning team...!




"The only thing good about tonight was the National Anthem." - Tampa Bay Lightning head coach- Jon Cooper


"...the anthem, sung by Vanessa Rodriguez of Opera Tampa, was an exceptionally good rendition."


How did I become the national anthem singer for the Tampa Bay Lightning team, performing before crowds of over 18,000 in the first place? And how does an opera singer capture the interest of a hockey coach? Can I teach my students how to cultivate their own talent?


I have taught private voice lessons for four years and have coached many students in that time. A little about myself... I was raised singing gospel, but can sing in a variety of styles ranging from pop to broadway, country to R&B. I have won local singing competitions and have been a returning guest on three leading television stations. I am a professional opera singer, performing locally with the main opera houses in the Tampa Bay Area. The most important fact about me, though, is that I am in love with my profession as a singer, and I am passionate about teaching it to other people. 


Lots of people can teach you how to sing well, and I will certainly set you on that track.  I'm pretty sure, though, that if I were to ask you why you like singing, your answer would be about the expression of music. That is the craft of becoming a performer. And, yes, I can teach you that too!

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